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They may not wear red capes, but to those they have helped, they are real-life heroes.


When you’ve had a positive experience at the Deep River and District Hospital (DRDH), and want to extend a heartfelt thanks to your Healthcare Hero, the DRDH Foundation is here to help.


Our Healthcare Heroes Program is a thoughtful way to say thank you to a doctor, nurse, staff member, or volunteer for the excellent, compassionate care you or a loved one received at the Deep River and District Hospital. Honour someone who made a positive impact on your health care experience by making a donation and sending a message to let them know that their special care did not go unnoticed.

Your Healthcare Hero will receive a custom pin to proudly wear, along with a letter including a special message from you as to why they’re being honoured (unless you would like to remain anonymous). Your message of appreciation will also be shared with your Healthcare Hero’s supervisor and with our community. The denomination of your gift and your personal information will be kept confidential.

The Healthcare Heroes Program gives you the opportunity to improve healthcare for our community. Your generous donation will help the DRDH Foundation provide funding for the purchase of vital medical equipment to sustain the exceptional services offered at the Deep River and District Hospital.




“Entering the hospital can be stressful. The screeners help to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and staff. They continue to guide us through the changing protocols and entry locations.  Way to go and thanks for your friendly greeting.”

James Chartrand

“James is always smiling and willing to lend a helping hand! Thank you for all you do James!”

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Phillip Keyes

"Phillip is an unsung superhero! He is one of the IT team members that keeps the entire organization working seamlessly behind the scenes. Everyone depends on him to have the tools to provide care and services. During a recent system outage where internet and phone were out, Phillip worked tirelessly to get the entire organization up and running again. He truly did saved the day. Thank you Phillip - for being our hero!”

Lab Team

"Thank you to Aislinn at the screening desk for her kind and personal attention to my lab scheduling needs.

Thank you to staff in the lab, especially those I was personally involved with (Kim, Sue, Mike), for so kindly dealing with my treatment needs. It's been very encouraging to have the ‘with me’ on my cancer journey!”


Bianca Robinson

“Bianca is a fantastic sonographer, her kind and caring nature is very comforting to her patients.”

Maintenance Team

“For another couple of unsung heroes, here’s to Keith and Martin of the maintenance team that keeps everything humming along so other staff can handle their tasks. They are here, there, and everywhere, keeping the grounds in great shape in all the seasons—shoveling snow, cutting grass, weeding the gardens, and mending all sorts of things that breakdown. Keith and Martin are solid, dependable maintenance guys, always there to find ways to get the cranky bits fixed!”

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Dr.McVey & Lauren McVey

“Our family’s health care hero is Dr. Terry McVey. Dr. McVey has been our family doctor since he and his wife, Lauren, and their family moved to Deep River. He has treated members of our family many times over the years in his family practice and the Emergency Department, and was an absolute gift when my elderly father came to live with us in the final 8 months of his life. In those 8 months, dad was in and out of the hospital – both in the Emergency Department and admitted as a patient. He had such wonderful care by all the physicians, nurses, kitchen staff, janitorial staff – the list just goes on. We thank Dr. McVey and Lauren for caring for us, our children, our grandchildren, and our elderly parents. We wish them both all the best in their retirement from their family practice.”

April Marechal

“April’s contribution, leadership, and flexibility at the COVID vaccine clinics has helped make the clinics run smoothly no matter what comes her way;  April - thank you for all you do!”


Garrett Wilson

“Garrett Wilson at the screening desk is most helpful in supporting patients coming to DRDH for treatment. He has remained dedicated to the screening desk, he is pleasant and kind. Lab staff have been champs to try to accommodate patient’s needs, and FHT appreciates all you do for DRDH. They are working as a team and are efficient. Thanks - you are some of our health heroes!! We could not do what we do without you all!”

Dr. Noulty

“Dr. Noulty took care of me countless times since I was a baby and now also takes care of my babies. She’s always there for us with advice, a smile and goes above and beyond to make sure all of us are healthy. Thank you!”

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Lily Mungham

“While I spent time in the emergency department, Lily made a huge difference for me on many levels. Her warmth, compassion, knowledge, and wonderful professionalism were such a blessing. I felt like I was being treated as a whole person, rather than just my illness. Thank you Lily.”

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Amy Joyce

“Thank you for being the glue that holds our health care organization together!”


Trish Leach

“Trish is always working her tail off in keeping the hospital clean and safe. She has such a positive impact on the hospital, always helpful, and very thorough. Thanks for keeping everyone safe, especially during these times!”

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“Thank you for your leadership during such a difficult and challenging time!”


Dr. Bushby

"Dr. Bushby looked after my husband when he spent a few days in hospital during the COVID lockdown. She was caring as well as efficient and followed up with family as well. Thank you, Dr. Bushby!”


Melissa Tucker

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Emergency Department Team Members

“A big thank you to all the nurses, doctors, and paramedics for the excellent care I received from the DRDH due to my fall. We are so fortunate to have such a great hospital in our community.”


DRDH Nurses

“The Nurses at DRDH are all heroes! Every day Nurses at the Deep River Hospital show immense caring, strength, and leadership. Over the past year, they faced the unknowns of coming face-to-face with COVID-19 every single day - and did so with grace, compassion, and the dedication of knowing they make a difference for those they care for. From the emergency department, to the family health team, to vaccine and swabbing clinics, to the inpatient unit and clinics to the long-term care home, Nurses truly do put the heart in DRDH.


Thank you to all DRDH Nurses for being there for our community when we needed you most!”

“As we all know these have been extraordinary times and Nurse Melissa Tucker moved into a new hospital with new procedures and policies with grace and adaptability. Melissa has taken on the new challenges of working in the Emergency Room. She strives to provide that essential care to her patients while being willing to assist her co-workers in any way she can. Melissa Tucker you are our Healthcare Hero!”

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Dr. Hanene Ben Amor

“During the shut down Dr. Ben Amor was always available by phone to answer my concerns and offer advice. She made a personal appointment as soon as possible. A very caring lady.”


Vaccine Clinic Team

"Way to Go to the staff that worked the Vaccine Clinic at the Chalk River Lions Hall.  They were all caring and the processing worked efficiently."