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Painting Auction Raises $400

October 2021

During the months of September and October the Foundation hosted a silent auction for a painting that was donated by a local resident who wanted to see it be used to raise funds for the Hospital. It remained on display at the Deep River Public Library for people to view and bid. Throughout the auction we had an anonymous donor step up and agree to match the final bid placed. When the final day to place a bid had come to a close the total proceeds to the DRDHF were $400.

We thank Cathryn Chapman who gifted us with this beautiful painting and the opportunity to use it to raise funds for much needed hospital equipment.

Raffle 5 Winner June 2021.jpg

After 41 Weeks the Ace Has Been Found

June 24,2021

Week 41 ended with the capture of the Ace of Spades!  There was increased interest in the online lottery throughout the week leading up to the draw, producing the largest weekly prize of $1,784 to date; almost $300 above the previous weekly prize.  The online software picked out a ticket bought by Cathy Sutherland.  Cathy chose the right envelope for when it was “opened” by the computer software, out popped the Ace of Spades.  As Chris Doucette, the Executive Director of the Deep River and District Hospital remarked, “Third time is the charm”, after he triggered the online software to provide the random pick of our winner and saw Cathy’s name appear.  Chris was referring to the fact that Cathy Sutherland was the previous weekly winner in Week 1 and Week 23.  With her third try at guessing where the Ace of Spades was hidden, she was spot on! Congratulations Cathy for your terrific win!

Focused on You Major Campaign Reaches $1.75 Million Goal

May 5th, 2021

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation is incredibly proud to announce that the Focused on You campaign has reached its goal of raising $1.75 million in support of our local hospital.

With funding provided from the Focused on You campaign, the Deep River and District Hospital (DRDH) was able to complete much needed upgrades to the Diagnostic Imaging Department, including the purchase of a new X-Ray machine, portable X-Ray machine, two ultrasound units and electrocardiograph (ECG) equipment. Renovations are now complete, and the state-of the-art equipment is in use, allowing the staff at DRDH to continue providing excellent, compassionate care to those who need it.

2021-04-26-Focused on You-We Did It.JPG

The previous Diagnostic Imaging equipment at DRDH was outdated, and had outlived its useful life. The Focused on You Campaign allowed the organization to switch to industry standard digital technology, which produces high-quality, filmless images that improve outcomes for patients and reduces the need for repeat examinations. With this upgraded equipment, digital images can be stored and accessed through a provincial database, supporting continuity of care within the integrated health system. Physicians and specialists can now view a patient’s reports almost immediately, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment.

“The Focused on You campaign is the largest fundraising campaign in the history of the Foundation, and since this fundraising journey began in 2018, our community has rallied together with their generosity,” said Leo Buckley, DRDH Foundation Board Chair. “From all of us at the DRDH Foundation, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to each and every one of the donors and volunteers who supported this campaign.”

Janna Hotson, DRDH President and CEO, expressed her enthusiasm for the success of this campaign and remarked that, “After seeing the incredible achievement our community is capable of, I am looking forward to seeing what else we can accomplish in support of local healthcare.”

The Focused on You campaign was made possible due to the collaborate efforts of many partners in our community. The Foundation wishes to thank all of those who contributed to the campaign, including individual donors, local business owners, corporate donors, event organizers and participants, as well as everyone who has been supporting the Catch the Ace lottery.

Legion Picture.jpg

The Petawawa Legion Branch 517 Helps the DRDHF inch closer to its goal!

April 2020

Recently the Branch donated a cheque for four thousand dollars to the Deep River District Hospital. Presenting the cheque are Left to Right Branch President Ralph Kendrick to The Executive Director of the DRDH Phil Doucette and The Branch Membership Chair Pat Perry. The money will be used for much needed a X-ray machine As part of the Focused on You Major Campaign. "This donation comes at a critical time. We are close to reaching our goal of $1.75 Million and this donation brings us closer." says DRDHF Executive Director, Chris Doucette. 

The Kitchissippi Run, A Family Focused Event

March 23, 2021

The fall classic known as “The Kitchissippi Run” was a victim of the coronavirus pandemic in the fall of 2020 and was cancelled.  With the continued threats of a third wave taking place, the organizers have called an end, making this hugely successful fundraiser a casualty of the pandemic.  The Kitchissippi Run hosted through eight years in Laurentian Hills raised over $100,000 for local charities, a large portion going to the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation.  The organizers headed by Colette Giroux and with strong support from Amy Joyce and Barb Gallagher gave participants a way to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery in the Petawawa Research Forest by walking, running or biking with friends and family.  A full gamut of routes was available for participants to choose from; full and half marathons, 10 km, 5 km and the very popular 2 km Family Fun route.  The Kitchissippi Run had evolved into a “family-focused event” that provided tons of activities, not just the hale and hearty runners and bikers, but to the general public.


The activities ranged from bouncy castles, to face painting, yoga for runners and bikers, vendor displays, breakfast and a Teddy Bear Clinic hosted by 1 Canadian Field Hospital. The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation became the recipient of the Kitchissippi Run operational funds as Colette Giroux handed over a donation of $3,538.10 to Tina Shorter, the Chair of the Major Campaign “Focused on You”.  Colette hopes that “when all our lives return to normal that the Kitchissippi Run can be re-established as a perennial fall classic bringing joy and happiness to all the participants and providing needed funds to support our local hospital”.  Indeed, Colette wants to see the Kitchissippi Run return perhaps to start as a memorial to her father, Eugene Chaput, who passed away last summer, but who loved to spend countless hours walking, riding and hunting in season in his beloved woods.

2020-11-30-Foundation Donation.JPG

Deep River & District Community Foundation Gives $12,400

December 16,2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared over seven months ago, community-based charities and nonprofit organizations have been  working tirelessly to provide emergency support, in particular to individuals and communities experiencing heightened vulnerability.

$12,400 was invested to fun d the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation to bring high-speed fibre-optic broadband service to the Deep River & District Hospital and the Four Seasons Lodge. The project will bolster the Health Information Systems and will permit in-patient and long-term care residents to use modern information tools to communicate with family and friends as well as accessing information and services available over the internet.

The Beer Store Helps Our Community

Nov 3rd, 2020

Back in March, The Beer Store team put together a fundraiser in our community to help our hospital. They collected money from empty bottles that were returned from March until September. The Beer Store staff was able to raise a grand total of $3,305.20. On hand for a cheque presentation was Beer Store employee, Frank Laporte and DRDHF Board Members, Tina Shorter and Cathy Fisher. The foundation is grateful for the communities support. The funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards the the "Focused on You" Major campaign for the purchase of new diagnostic imaging equipment and upgrades to the existing suite. 

Hyska's Picture.jpg

Hyska's Independent Grocer Helps your hospital.

Sept 30,2020

On September 30, 2020 the Deep River & District Foundation were invited to Hyska's Independent Grocer where we were presented with a check for $500. The donation comes from their "Give a little, Help a lot" fundraiser held earlier this month. The foundation is grateful for the support we received from the Hyska family in the recent months, from inviting us to sell Catch the Ace to the donation made here. Thank you. Thank you to the community for supporting such a thoughtful and caring initiative. 

James St. Yard Sale Cleared House

Sept 5th, 2020

On Saturday, September 5th, Cathryn Chapman of James St. held a yard sale with the proceeds being donated to the Deep River & District Hospital Foundation. Through the generosity of the community and Cathryn's desire to give back to the hospital, she was able to raise a total of $1018.21. Not only that she has donated a beautiful, original painting for the foundation to auction off. Cathryn mentioned that the hospital has always been there for her and wanted to give back to those who provide such great care to the community. 


Maven catering serving up a donation.

August 18th, 2020

Our friends at Maven catering had this great idea in July sell a truck load of food to the residents of Deep River & beyond. on top of it, a portion of the proceeds were donated to the foundation. We are are so thankful during these times to have our friends and community come together to support a local business and our hospital. On Friday, August 14, DRDHF Executive Director Chris Doucette, was given a $500 cheque by Carolyn Arnold of Maven Catering. Their donation will be put towards the foundations "Focused on you" diagnostic imaging campaign.

Catch the Ace ends with excitement!

Aug 7, 2020

Congratulations to Ian Ingram, who won the progressive Jackpot & Barbara Clark who took home the weekly prize. Her ticket was the first out of the rotary drum, she receives the weekly prize of $8,758, but her selected numbered envelope revealed the Jack of Spades. It took 21 more tickets drawn to uncover the Ace of Spades. Eventually, Ian Ingram of Deep River, caught the envelope containing the Ace of Spades. At the point in time of the draw that Ian’s ticket was drawn, his selected envelope, Envelope #9, had already been chosen and opened, so Envelope #11 as the lowest numbered unopened envelope was removed. Ian Ingram receives the progressive jackpot of $73,551. Congratulations to both Ian and Barb.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the success of this "Must Go" draw. We look forward to seeing you when we return!

Catch the Ace Winner_Ian Ingram.jpg
Barb Clark CTA Winner.JPG



LEmonade 2.jpg
Lemonade 1.jpg

Lemonade For Sale!

July 30, 2020

When life  gives you lemons you make lemonade...and donate the money raised to your local hospital. These little leaders raised $530 by selling lemonade and Freezies on some of the hottest days of the year. As you can see they followed all the guidelines set out for safe selling and wore their masks with a smile behind them. When asked why they wanted to do this for the hospital, Madi and Owen stated "We figured the hospital could use the money during times like these and see how hard everyone is working, so we wanted to help out."

Thank you!


July 16, 2020

The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation will be concluding it’s fourth raffle lottery with the Week 11 draw, on August 06th.

The Foundation is thankful for the support received from vendors providing access to their premises and assistance from their staff. The Foundation appreciates the help from a cadre of volunteers who have given freely of their time and effort. The Foundation values the wide-spread backing of residents who are supporting our drive to upgrade medical diagnostic imaging equipment by faithfully buying tickets each week. The lottery has helped the Foundation close in on its major campaign goal to raise $1.75 million.We have reached 90% of the target! Week 11 will be the last draw using cash only paper tickets.  We will draw until the Ace is found.


More information on ticket sales and locations will be released next week.

85% update 2.JPG

The Climb to $1.75 Million Reaches 85%.

February 28,2020

Not even a mountain of snow is enough to keep us from announcing that we have reached 85% of or goal for the "Focused on You" Major Campaign. Though multiple fundraising efforts, Catch the Ace, and the amazing support of our donors and volunteers we have been able to raise $1.48 million. Funds raised continue to aid in the purchase much need updates to the hospitals existing Diagnostic Imaging Suite. 

Foundation ED Chris Doucette, DRDH Board Member Tina Shorter, and DRDH Board Chair Dick Rabishaw put on their winter boots to snap a picture of this great accomplishment.

Construction of the X-ray suite has begun and we anticipate “going live” with the new suite by April 2020. However, even with this great success we still have ways to go, with the purchase of the Ultrasound unit to take place in the early part of this coming summer.

85% Update.JPG

CIBC is "Focused on You"

February 21, 2020 

The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation are the grateful recipients of a $10,000 grant from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada.  CIBC is committed to making a significant and lasting contribution to the well-being of our communities in Canada. On Friday, February 21st members of the Foundation and CIBC got together to view the new portable X-ray unit and present the Foundation with a check in front of the DRDH Foundations "Tree of Caring". The grant has been used to aid in the continuing efforts to raise $1.75 Million for the Focused on You Diagnostic Imaging Campaign. The Foundation would like to thank CIBC for its commitment to exceptional health care in our area. We would also like to thank our grant writing team for their hard work in preparing this successful grant application.

2020-02-21-CIBC Donation (small)

From left to right: DRDHF Board Chair- Leo Buckley, DRDHF Executive Director- Chris Doucette, DRDHF Vice-Chair- Tina Shorter, CIBC Senior Manager, Public Sector & Not-for-Profit Group- Sylvain Hardy, CIBC Director & TEam Leader, Cash Management- Lisa Presley, DRDH Chief Financial Officer- William Willard

Ontario Power Generation Supports Diagnostic Imaging Campaign 

December 12,2019

2019-12-12-OPG Donation to DRDH Foundati

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) made a donation of $10,000 to the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation’s Focused on You Diagnostic Imaging Major Campaign. The Campaign is working to raise funds for Diagnostic Imaging upgrades, including a new X-ray, portable X-ray, and ultrasound equipment. The Foundation is very thankful to OPG for their commitment to exceptional health care in our area.


With the Focused on You campaign at 75% of the $1.75 million goal, support from organizations like OPG helps us move closer to achieving our goal. The Foundation also recognizes the efforts of our grant team, who volunteer their time and effort to write strong grant applications.


Jennifer Gardiner and John Greig of Ontario Power Generation were able to join members from the DRDH Hospital and Foundation to make the donation. Pictured above, from left to right, is Dick Rabishaw - DRDH Board Chair, Richard Bedard, DRDH CEO, John Walden – DRDH Foundation Board Member, Chris Doucette – DRDH Foundation Executive Director, Jennifer Gardiner – OPG Stakeholder Relations Advisor, and John Greig - Manager, OPG Des Joachims Generating Station.

8th Annual Kitchissippi Run & Bike Provides $8,000 to Major Campaign

November 12, 2019

On November 7, 2019 the Kitchissippi Committee was pleased to make an $8,000 donation from the 8th annual Kitchissippi Run and Bike. The Committee hopes that their support can bring the DRDH Foundation closer to ‘crossing the finish line’ and reaching their goal of raising $1.75 million for diagnostic imaging upgrades. Pictured here presenting the donation in the hospital’s X-Ray room in Kitchissippi swag, from left to right, are Committee Members Melissa Cloutier, Amy Joyce, Amanda Haughton, Colette Giroux, and Chris Doucette. Missing from the photo is Kitchissippi Committee Member Barb Gallagher.

Kitch Donation.jpg
Stephens Donation.jpg

Stephens Family Leads by Example

November 5,2019

Thank you to Michael and Barbara Stephens for their incredibly generous donation made to the DRDHF "Focused on You" Diagnostic Imaging Campaign. When asked about the donation they stated, "We are happy to be able to donate to the diagnostic imaging campaign. We know from experience how important this equipment is, and key to keeping our hospital's service at the top level." The foundations Major Campaign is at 75% of our goal and with donations like this we move closer and closer to our goal of 1.75 Million dollars.

The Ace Has Been Found!

October 31, 2019

John caught the Ace of Spades which had been eluding ticket buyers for the past 30 weeks of the Catch the Ace lottery. John was certain the Ace was to be found in Envelope 3, his choice for the whole draw. John was just hoping his ticket would be drawn to confirm his suspicions and it was from among the 10,730 tickets that had been placed in the rotary drum on Halloween evening. His wife, Lorna, bought his ticket at ValuMart, so, she accompanied John to the Legion to celebrate his win. John was going to take some time to let the lottery winnings sink in.John, by having his ticket drawn, received the weekly prize of $10,730; the prize is based on 20% of the weekly ticket sales. For “catching” the Ace of Spades, John is to receive an additional sum of $227,932.50.  This amount is the progressive jackpot (cumulative prize), based on adding 30% of sales from each week of tickets sold and is given out upon the Ace of Spades being caught. The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation will be pleased to give John a cheque for $238,662.50.

Winner Week 31 John Steer.jpg

The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation thanks the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 436 for hosting the draw on Halloween night and for selling pulled pork sandwiches, chilli and baked beans to all who attended the draw. Members also supplied buns and a variety of desserts. Lee-Ann McCarthy of the Legion kindly donated the revenues received from the sale of the food towards the Major Campaign.

Catholic womens league pic.jpg

The Deep River Catholic Women's League 

October 22, 2019

Thank you to the Deep River Catholic Women’s League for their generous donation to the “Focused on you” Diagnostic Imaging Campaign. Through the fundraising efforts of their Fall Raffle, we are the grateful recipients of a $500 donation. This picture is taken in front of the hospitals “Tree of caring” where the Deep River Catholic Women’s League were happy to see their medallion shining bright on a rainy fall day.

Pictured (from left to right): DRDHF Board Members- Wayne Inch and John Walden, DRDHF Executive Director- Chris Doucette, Deep River Catholic Women’s League Secretary- Coreen Alexander, Deep River Catholic Women’s League President- Annette Chaplin

CNL Black Bears Charity Hockey Tournament

October 10, 2019

This year the CNL Black Bears Hockey Club hosted its annual charity hockey tournament at the Petawawa Civic Center from Wednesday January 16 to Friday January 18, 2019. While there were many winners on the ice, the real winners were those worthy causes close to the heart of the Renfrew County community. The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation is grateful to be one of those worthy causes. The Blacks Bears organizers have been working closely with the Deep River and District Hospital to ensure funds donated from the tournament this year are directed to medical items greatly needed to help us care for those in our communities. Through entry fees, prize tables, jersey raffles, and other fundraising activities, $19,000 was generously donated for the purchase of a new vacuum pump for the organization. To date the Black Bears have donated just over $46,000 to the DRDH Foundation. In recognition and in appreciation of their donations, a plaque for Black Bears Hockey Club has been placed on the “Tree of Caring” stationed prominently in the hospital waiting room.

2019-10-10-Black Bear Donation v1.jpg

Picture: (From left to right)

John Hoyle- CNL Black Bears Representative, Leo Buckley- DRDHF Board Chair, Chris Doucette- DRDHF Executive Director, Janna Hotson- Chief Nursing Executive, Allison Lepack- Manager of Clinical Services/Director of Care, Sarah-Lynn Parker- Registered Nurse/Skin and Wound Care Champion

ncu golf.jpg

19th Annual Northern Credit Union and Deep River Delegates Charity Golf Tournament

September 26, 2019

The 19th Annual Northern Credit Union and Deep River Delegates Charity Golf Tournament took place this year on August 8th, 2019. This year’s tournament rained a grand total of $16, 239. The annual tournament through nineteen years has now raised over $240,000 for the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation and remains one of the Hospital's largest fundraisers. Rain wasn’t enough to spoil a great day for 80+ golfers and volunteers. Golfers enjoyed 18 holes, a live and online auction, and an amazing steak or chicken dinner cooked by the Deep River Golf Club. At the end of the day the team of Darren Becks, Jeremy Stewart, Pam Yakabuskie and Brad Payne came out on top.

The Delegates, Northern Credit Union, and Foundation would like to thank all of the sponsors, donors, and participants for their continued generosity and look forward to seeing everyone next year for the 20th Annual Northern Credit Union and Deep River Delegates Charity Golf Tournament.

First Annual Pig Roast

August 15th, 2019

The foundation’s first annual pig roast was hosted this year at the Deep River Yacht and Tennis Club. The mouth-watering meal was catered by Ullrich’s while the music was played by local DJ Clark Ramsay, which all made for a very pleasant and delightful time on a beautiful evening on the Deep River waterfront. This year, thanks to all those who supported the event, the Annual Pig Roast was a huge success, raising approximately $7,000 for the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation! The funds raised at this great event will go towards the foundation’s “Focused on You”


diagnostic imaging campaign in order to purchase diagnostic equipment to help sustain the hospital’s exceptional services through the best technology available! Thank you to all those that participated in this event in support of the foundation, and to those that donated their time and services to make this night one for the books! On behalf of the foundation, we are truly lucky to be immersed in a town that has a deep and fundamental regard for the better of its community!

Kitchissippi Donation picture .jpg

Kitchissippi Run supports "Focused on you" Major Campaign

August 7th, 2019

The 2018 Kitchissippi Run (and bike) raised $5,000 for the DRDH Foundation. Pictured here presenting the donation are event organizers Colette Giroux and Amy Joyce (back row), along with DRDH Foundation summer student Rayan Ben Letaifa, DRDH Foundation Board Member John Walden, and DRDH Foundation Executive Director Chris Doucette. On September 30, 2018, the 7th annual Kitchissippi Run took place through the Petawawa Research Forest. The event was another great success, raising $5,000 for the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation and attracting 170 participants.

Mark your calendars, because Laurentian Hills will be host to the 8th annual Kitchissippi Run on October 6, 2019. Funds raised this year will be applied to the DRDH Foundation’s Focused on You major campaign, which aims to raise $1.75 million for the purchase of new diagnostic imaging equipment for our hospital. Register today and start collecting pledges through the Race Roster website, or the old-fashioned way with the pledge form on the Facebook page.

Jan's Valu-Mart Customers Contribute

July 25th, 2019

In July, Jan kindly sought Valu-Mart customer support for the DRDH Foundation through her give a little fundraising campaign.  Customers were asked to top up their orders with a small contribution to aid the Foundation’s fundraising activities to acquire replacement diagnostic imaging equipment for our local hospital.  With great community involvement, Jan and her store staff were able to raise over $1100 in a campaign that ran for two short weeks!  The total contribution is reflected in the big cheque held by Jan and the Foundation’s Executive Director, Chris Doucette.  Thanks to the generosity of everyone who helped participate in the community event.

Valu mart donation (chris and jan) .jpg
Chris's Picture.jpg

New Foundation Executive Director

July 2nd, 2019

The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation is proud to announce the successful completion of its Executive Director search and welcomes Chris Doucette to the position. Chris was born and raised in Petawawa and comes to us with experience in charitable organizations, funded programming and program development. The hiring committee was pleased with the positive response that was received as a result of the posting, which demonstrates the dedication and support of the communities we serve. Please join the Foundation in welcoming Chris to the organization!

"Focused on You" Thermometer

July 1st, 2019

The unveiling of the fundraising thermometer for the foundation's "Focused on You" major campaign. This campaign is aimed at raising the necessary funds for purchasing of diagnostic imaging equipment. We have now almost reached 60% of our goal of 1.75 million dollars!

The mayors of Deep River, Laurentian Hills, Petawawa, and the Garrison Petawawa Commander were all present to support this great achievement on Canada day!

2019-06-11-TC Energy Foundation Grant.JP

Foundation receives $10,000 grant from TC Energy

June 11th, 2019

The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation (DRDHF) is very pleased to receive a $10,000 grant from TC Energy to support the Foundation’s “Focused on You” campaign.  The campaign goal is to raise $1.75 Million dollars to replace aging diagnostic equipment necessary for ongoing care at the Deep River and District Hospital.  TC Energy representatives, Dan Stencill and Chris Murray, were at the Deep River and District Hospital on June 11th, to present a cheque for $10,000 to the Foundation.

TC Energy, formerly TransCanada, is a leading North American energy infrastructure company, whose business includes pipelines, power generation and energy storage operations across North America. TC Energy supports local initiatives to build strong and vibrant communities where they live, work and operate. Present to receive the cheque were: Leo Buckley (left), Board Chair, DRDHF, Dan Stencill, Community Relations and Indigenous Relations Liaison, TC Energy, John Walden Board Member, DRDHF, Tina Shorter Board Vice-Chair, DRDHF, Chris Murphy, Area Manager, TC Energy, Dianne Lemire Major Campaign Team, DRDHF, Jim Gibson, Board Member, DRDHF, and Richard Bedard (right), President & CEO,  DRDH.