Pathway of Angels

​The Pathway of Angels surrounds the Deep River and District Hospital Helipad and is built with personalized engraved stones in memory of, on behalf of, or in honour of a loved one, individual or family.

If you wish to purchase a stone, please proceed to the form below to complete the Pathway of Angels Form, and choose a method of payment. 


Pathway of Angels Form

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Please write your text here as you wish for it to be displayed on the stone. There is a character limit of 70; please note that a space is counted as a character. 

**Please note that if you wish to drop a cheque off at the hospital, your request for a pathway of angels stone will not be processed until we have received your payment.**

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Online Payment

If you choose to pay online, please click on "Pay Now" where you will be redirected to the paypal portal in order to complete your payment in a easy and secure manner.