Deep 50/50 July Early Bird Winner

Updated: 5 days ago

Congratulations to purchaser of Ticket #540612007... you win the first Deep 50/50 "Thousand Dollar Thursday" Early Bird Prize! According to our records, this ticket was purchased in the DRDH Gift Shop in the morning on Tuesday July 19th. If you are the ticket holder, please email or call 613-584-3333 x7140. You may also direct message our Facebook page. Thanks for playing!

Our July Deep 50/50 Jackpot is still growing, and tickets will remain on sale until August 2nd @ 10AM. Visit to buy a bundle of tickets and

help us get Closer To Home, or go to the Gift Shop. We also plan to be at Summerfest. Thanks to everyone for your support so far!

(The winner has up to 6 months to come forward).

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