July Deep 50/50 Winner Announced

Updated: 6 days ago

After a fantastic weekend of Summerfest sales, we are glad to announce our winner: Mary Hill. She had ticket #99000237026 and claimed a prize of $4,805. Congratulations!

The Deep 50/50 Lottery had great levels of support this month and we are just getting started. All of the money raised by the July draw (and future months) will go towards the $2.5M Closer To Home campaign for a 96-bed Long-Term Care Home on the Deep River & District Hospital Campus.

We are lucky to have many volunteers who helped with ticket sales. We also greatly appreciate the DRDH Auxiliary Volunteers in the Gift Shop. This month, look for us on Wednesdays from 11 to 5pm at Jan's Valumart, and purchase a bundle of tickets to grow the prize and help us all get Closer To Home. The next $1K Early Bird Prize takes place on August 18th at 10:00AM, and the August 50/50 draw takes place September 1st at 10:00AM. Buy your tickets before August 18th and enter two draws for the price of one ticket bundle. Thanks for your support.

We are also looking for more volunteers to sell tickets at Jan's Valumart. Are you interested in giving 3 hours once or twice a month to help us raise money through ticket sales? Please join the Lottery Team at https://www.drdhfoundation.com/volunteer-form.


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