Medical Inpatient Care Team

Congratulations to our Medical Inpatient Care Team, who were recently recognized as Healthcare Heroes! The donor who recognized their care team wanted to share the following message of thanks:

“Thank you for the excellent care that I received during my stay. Although I cannot recall each of the individual names of those who tended to my many needs, please pass my sincerest "thank you" to all of them. Also, thank you to Dr. McVey and Dr. Bushby, who were responsible for my care during my stay. A special note of thanks to the two nurses who arranged for and took time to add a 'day at the spa' to my hospital stay! I nominated my care team as Healthcare Heroes to show my sincere appreciation for the kind staff that I encountered during my stay, as well as recognition of the importance of our hospital to our community.”

Is there someone you would like to recognize as a Healthcare Hero? Making a donation in their honour is the perfect way to say thank you. Visit to recognize your Hero today!

Pictured in the photo from left to right are Medical Inpatient Care Team members Whitney Green (RN), Becky MacLaurin (RN), and Jillian Keyes (Ward Clerk).

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