New Deep 50/50 Lottery Coming Soon

Updated: Jun 27

Starting very soon, we will launch the Deep 50/50 Lottery to replace Catch The Ace. This means a big, monthly draw... plus a $1k Early Bird Prize.

Finally, Online and In-Person Ticket Sales!

For the first time in years, you will be able to buy tickets face-to-face again. We know many people will be excited about this upgrade. Of course, we are also building our new website, so you will continue to have that option.

Tickets will be sold with Visa and Debit at Jan's on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to start. This may change as we learn and adapt.

Tickets will be available at 3 for $5, 10 for $10, 30 for $20, and 100 for $50.

Your Ticket Purchase Will Still Matter

Just like before, 50% of your ticket will benefit our community by allowing us to support Deep River & District Hospital. Specifically, all Deep 50/50 proceeds will go towards the Closer To Home campaign to build a 96-bed Long-Term Care Home in Deep River.

>> Click to read about Closer To Home here <<

What About Catch The Ace?

After six successful rounds, Catch The Ace has raised over $1.5M towards equipment and improvements at the Hospital. We are very grateful for the public support for this lottery. We decided that the Deep 50/50 would be an exciting new change, with simpler rules, more frequent jackpots, and a fresh new look.

When Will Tickets Be Available?

We are working diligently to launch our brand new website and in-person sales system. We have been getting volunteers ready and preparing for the first month. Hopefully, we can announce the start date soon. We will let you know via this email.

We Are Seeking Volunteers

Selling in-person is very exciting, but it takes support from a network of dedicated volunteers. Luckily, many people have already signed up for in-person ticket sales times. This is greatly appreciated, and very encouraging! If you would like to join us, please click the link below and join the growing lottery team. It's not a heavy burden; it's quite a social and fun role (or so we've been told).

>> Click to volunteer for the Deep 50/50 <<

Thanks For Reading... Your Support Is Appreciated!

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