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⭐️ Lottery Team

Great for socialites who love to talk and help people in our community! There is no pushiness or pressure; members of this team will mainly setup a table, sit, and process ticket sales. All we need is a friendly smile and a willingness to help people with the transaction.

📝 Grant Team

For those who love to play with words and tell stories, joining this team will allow you to help the hospital through identifying strong opportunities for grants, and then applying to them. Don't worry, you'll have help throughout the process and you won't need to do it alone!

🎉 Event Team

Do you enjoy festivals, activities, and being part of the fun? Or, maybe you like celebrating from "backstage" as a planner or setup assistant? Either way, this team helps to ensure that our fundraising events are successful.

🎲 Support Team

Do you like to help wherever needed? Odd jobs and projects arise throughout the year, but they are important too. Join this team if you want to support us with details that the other teams don't cover.